Waldo Tobler (1930-2018)

Colette Cauvin-Reymond, le 10 mars 2018, analyse la contribution essentielle d’un des grands créateurs de la cartographie scientifique.

De 1956, date de sa première publication, au 20 février 2018 où Waldo Tobler nous a quittés, ce professeur émérite a marqué par ses écrits et ses enseignements plusieurs générations de géographes et de cartographes, et ceci par vagues successives, puisqu’il semble que certains chercheurs le redécouvrent actuellement. Ceci devrait continuer longtemps – et nous ne pouvons que le souhaiter – car ce chercheur a complètement renouvelé, transformé la cartographie et a réellement contribué à ce que cette discipline ait une place à part entière en tant que science ainsi que ce statut lui a été reconnu au colloque de Vienne en 1975. Continuer la lecture

Should the ECTQG be institutionalized?

The 20th European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography was held in York from 7 to 11 September 2017. Organized by our colleagues from the University of Leeds, Michelle Morris, Mark Birkin and Nick Malleson, it brought together some 80 participants from 20 different countries, a large majority of Europeans but also a few colleagues from Canada, Chile, the United States, Nigeria, Russia and Tunisia. The quality of the interventions leaves no doubt about the vitality of this non-institution, completely informal and self-organized, which holds symposium every two years since 1978! At least two articles in Cybergeo comment on the importance and sustainability, as well as the most salient meanings, that of David Unwin in 1999 and that of Sylvain Cuyala in 2016. We will remember from York in 2017 a tribute to the work of Sir Alan Wilson, and “Wilson’s boys” (John Stillwell, Frank Southworth, Martin Clarke, Mark Birkin and Michael Batty), the Consumer Data Research Center (CDRC), innovative applications in health geography, of the ESRC network for the study of obesity, supplemented by a conference by Anne Vernez-Moundon… and a variety of presentations by young researchers, all exciting, perhaps to be discovered one day in Cybergeo? Our blog is open to the discussion of proposals for thematic sessions for the next meeting, organized by Geoffrey Caruso of the University of Luxembourg. Grab your pens!