Fractals, urban fabrics and planning – a few clarifications

Pierre Frankhauser, in answering the contribution from Cécile Tannier of 12 March point by point, supplements her discussion and fuels the debate:

Are urban fabrics fractal? Is there a general process that gives rise to fractal urban fabrics? Are fractal models useful for planning? These recently asked questions call for a reminder that, through its intrinsic properties, this approach can be used to introduce a different reading of the spatial organization of cities and to contribute otherwise to the debate on whether or not there are “laws” or whether “norms” are useful in this context. Continuer la lecture

Fractales, tissus urbains et aménagement – quelques précisions

Pierre Frankhauser, en répondant point par point au billet de Cécile Tannier du 12 mars, complète sa discussion et apporte d’autres éléments au débat:

Les tissus urbains sont-ils fractals ? Existe-t-il un processus général qui génère des tissus urbains fractals ? Les modèles fractals sont-ils utiles dans le contexte d’aménagement ? Ces questions, récemment posées, incitent à rappeler que cette approche, par ses propriétés intrinsèques, permet d’introduire une lecture différente de l’organisation spatiale des villes et de contribuer autrement au débat sur l’existence ou non de « lois » ou de l’utilité de « normes » dans ce contexte. Continuer la lecture

Waldo Tobler (1930-2018)

Colette Cauvin-Reymond, March 10th, 2018, analyzes the contribution of one of the greatest creators of scientific cartography.

From 1956, when he first published, to his passing on 20 February 2018, the teaching and publications of this Professor Emeritus had a major impact on several generations of geographers and cartographers. His work lives on since he is currently being rediscovered by some researchers and we can only wish for it to continue for a long time as Waldo Tobler has profoundly renewed and transformed cartography. He truly contributed to making cartography a full-blown scientific discipline, a status that was acknowledged at the Vienna conference in 1975. Continuer la lecture